Speaker profiles

Keynote speakers

Ms Alex Sloan
Ms Alex Sloan, MC
Mr Bill Ferris AC
Mr Bill Ferris AC, Chair, Innovation and Science Australia
Mr Philip Marcus Clark AM
Mr Philip Marcus Clark AM, Chair, Cooperative Research Centres Advisory Committee
Her Excellency Mrs Menna Rawlings CMG
Her Excellency Mrs Menna Rawlings CMG, British High Commissioner
Dr Alex Zelinsky
Dr Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist
Dr Susannah Eliott
Dr Susannah Eliott, CEO, Australian Science Media Centre
Ms Laura Tingle
Ms Laura Tingle, Political Editor, Australian Financial Review
Dr Elizabeth Eastland
Dr Elizabeth Eastland, Manager, Strategy, Market Vision & Innovation, CSIRO
Ms Glenys Beauchamp PSM
Ms Glenys Beauchamp PSM, Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Mr John Grill AO
Mr John Grill AO, Chair, Growth Centres Advisory Committee

Workshop presenters

Ms Anne-Marie Perret
Ms Anne-Marie Perret, Advisor to high growth companies, Board Member & Investor
David Pembroke
Mr David Pembroke, Founder & CEO, contentgroup
Dr Tamika Heiden
Dr Tamika Heiden, Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia
Ms Melanie Carew
Ms Melanie Carew, Head, Corporate Affairs, Partnerships and Education, CRC for Mental Health
Ms Karra Harrington
Ms Karra Harrington, PhD student, CRC for Mental Health
Ms Edith Drajkopyl
Ms Edith Drajkopyl, PhD student, CRC for Mental Health
Mark West
Mr Mark West, Founder and CEO, SEEDLY
Heather Catchpole
Ms Heather Catchpole, Co-founder and Head of Content, Refraction Media
Dr Sarah Pearson
Dr Sarah Pearson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Industry Engagement and Innovation, University of Newcastle
Dr Mark Elliott
Dr Mark Elliott, Founder and Director, Collabforge
Hailey Cooperrider
Ms Hailey Cooperrider, Collaboration and Strategy Lead, Collabforge
Prof Valerie Linton
Prof Valerie Linton, former CEO, Energy Pipelines CRC
Ms Kellie Dyer
Ms Kellie Dyer, Former CRC Legacy Manager, CRC for Rail Innovation
Mr Colin Daws
Mr Colin Daws, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, DataGene Ltd
Ms Jenni Lightowlers
Ms Jenni Lightowlers, Founding Partner, FAL Lawyers
Ms Sally Vardy
Ms Sally Vardy, Director, Beyond Your Numbers Pty Limited
Dr Mark Glazebrook
Dr Mark Glazebrook, Director, Innovation and Business Development, The Lowitja Institute
Dr Tamara Mackean
Dr Tamara Mackean, Senior Research Fellow, Flinders University
Ms Tammy Abbott
Ms Tammy Abbott, Senior Research Officer, CRC–REP
Miliwanga Wurrben
Ms Miliwanga Wurrben, Aboriginal Community Researcher, CRC–REP
Mr Rod Reeve
Mr Rod Reeve, Managing Director, CRC–REP
Mr Harold Lomas
Mr Harold Lomas, Manager, Research Funding and Policy Branch, Department of Education and Training
Ms Helen Cathles
Ms Helen Cathles, Chair, Invasive Animals CRC
Mr Kevin Nuttall
Mr Kevin Nuttall, Director, Principal Facilitator, Waterfield