Mr David Pembroke

David Pembroke
David Pembroke

CEO and founder, contentgroup

David Pembroke is the CEO and founder of contentgroup, a government and public sector content marketing agency based in Canberra, Australia.

He has a commerce degree from one of Australia’s leading business schools (University of New South Wales) and spent a decade as a radio current affairs reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He was the communications director of the Australian Rugby Team when they won the Rugby World Cup in 1999 and is a member of the Australian Olympic media team.

contentgroup was founded in 1997 and offers consulting, content production, training and research services.


Explaining is winning

Workshop, Tuesday 23 May, 1430–1600

Communicating effectively with citizens and stakeholders is an urgent priority for all government and public sector organisations. It’s an increasingly complex task.

In this session, David Pembroke, the founder and CEO of contentgroup, will examine the impact of the changes transforming government and public sector communication. He will then explain how content communication can help you earn the attention of your audience in order to build strong and trusted relationships with citizens and stakeholders over time.