Ms Edith Drajkopyl

Ms Edith Drajkopyl
Ms Edith Drajkopyl

PhD student, CRC for Mental Health

Edith Drajkopyl is a PhD student at the CRC for Mental Health and Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Edith also receives an industry scholarship from Cogstate Ltd, an Australian multi-faceted cognitive assessment and training company. Edith’s research focuses on assessing the usefulness of existing concussion tools for the detection of concussion in athletes. Her additional research interests include assessing the development of cognition in athletes with a history of concussion as compared to the development of healthy athletes with no previous history of head injury. This important research could have significant consequences for mental health, in particular dementia. Edith hopes to combine the research findings with her interest in science communication to help educate and promote proper sideline assessment of concussion and safe gradual return to play.


CRC students: the next generation of innovative, collaborative problem solvers?

Workshop, Tuesday 23 May, 1430–1600

CRC education programs have the ability to act as innovation hubs, with the flexibility to trial novel approaches to student training and development. The CRC model of close relationships with both industry and universities mean that individual CRCs are in a unique position to provide value-added training to students which significantly improves their future career prospects, as well as developing a future workforce that can contribute to the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

This interactive workshop will:

  • Demonstrate approaches the CRC for Mental Health has used to develop cohesive student cohorts who strongly identify with the CRC within short time frames
  • Detail several collaborative student-led programs trialled by the CRC for Mental Health which can be adapted or taken up in their current format by other CRCs, universities or research institutes
  • Provide opportunities to hear directly from CRC for Mental Health PhD students about how their involvement in a CRC has shaped their perception of available careers
  • Describe sector-wide approaches taken by CRCs to meet industry needs
  • Describe international models which can inform CRC education programs.