Ms Hailey Cooperrider

Hailey Cooperrider
Ms Hailey Cooperrider

Collaboration and Strategy Lead, Collabforge

Hailey Cooperrider is collaboration designer and strategist, working with Collabforge since 2009. She has been responsible for some of Collabforge’s highest profile projects and core frameworks, with capabilities spanning workshop facilitation, digital platform design, innovation methodologies, and strategy cocreation. Hailey is currently researching how gameplay can be used to help spread collaboration capability more broadly.


Collaboration Masterclass

Workshop, Thursday 25 May, 0900–1230


Facilitated by collaboration experts from Collabforge, this workshop will explore the ideas, theory and methodology of collaboration, combined with hands on learning opportunities.

Be prepared to push the boundaries and have fun as we dive into collaboration – a challenging, necessary and often difficult process.

We will do more than just talk: as we collaborate, you will gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses while learning techniques for how to build your capability.

Learning outcomes

Collaboration is a powerful tool for improving research outcomes, and translating research into impact through partnerships. You can achieve better quality outcomes with more support if you bring people along. But it only works if you know how to do it well.

This half day workshop is designed to provide immersive activity-based learning and strong networking opportunities to:

  • Increase depth of understanding and language regarding the process and application of collaboration
  • Identify key risks, opportunities and practical techniques
  • Apply the methods in a supportive and engaging learning environment