Ms Heather Catchpole

Heather Catchpole
Ms Heather Catchpole

Co-founder and Head of Content, Refraction Media

Heather Catchpole is the co-founder and Managing Director of Refraction Media. Heather has developed more than 30 STEM-based teacher resources – such as the Science and Myths Behind Speeding, Food for the Future and the Crystallography Curiosity Files – which have reached 100,000 educators. She produced an animation series for Earth Science WA that received 60,000+ views, as well as overseeing the production of the Ultimate Science Guide, the Ultimate Engineering Guide and the Postgraduate Survival Guide. In partnership with Google, she launched Careers with Code, a magazine and website showcasing exciting career pathways that incorporate code.

A former staff journalist at the ABC, Heather specialises in digital and magazine content creation in science for adults and kids. As Managing Editor of COSMOS magazine, she led a team of 17 to produce rich, in-depth content in health and science research and developed and launched COSMOS’s iPad edition, voted by Apple best of the App Store in 2012. The Editor of KnowHow, a magazine specialising in the nexus of business and science, she was shortlisted as Business Editor of the Year 2014, Publishers Australia Excellence Awards and a finalist in the 2015 Women in Media awards. Heather has written five science books, and worked with many of Australia’s leading universities and science organisations.

Mastering collaboration techniques

Workshop, Thursday 25 May, 1330–1500

To be presented with Dr Sarah Pearson, CEO & Founder, CBR Innovation Network Ltd

In this interactive workshop, develop your key message and learn effective collaboration tools in working effectively with industry stakeholders.

How do you pitch yourself to industry, Venture Capital or other potential partners? What are the most successful ways to draw together groups from start-ups to research and government to work effectively together? In this interactive workshop, we help you to know the key tools you need to develop your pitch strategy and how and where do you use it

Heather’s key talking points:

  • Practical tips to develop your elevator pitch
  • There are many ‘languages’ that people speak depending on their sector and you may need to ‘hone’ your message

Sarah’s key talking points:

  • What industry stakeholders can be involved in partnerships and what different stakeholders are looking for
  • How you can tailor your pitch to their language depending on what they/you are looking for
  • Case studies of successful partnerships and how and why they were successful

Practical element: Choose from three activities:

  • Talk to a start-up hub about your business/research
  • Talk to a multinational to pitch your idea
  • Set up a workshop to bring a group together and talk about forming a partnership