Mr Kevin Nuttall

Mr Kevin Nuttall
Mr Kevin Nuttall

Director, Principal Facilitator, Waterfield

Kevin is a pioneer in facilitating diverse groups to develop strategy maps. This collaborative approach taps into the collective intelligence of the group to build a robust picture of the organisation’s future environment and how it can best navigate the complexities to achieve its goals.

This approach not only develops robust one page strategy maps but also creates a high level of ownership within the organisation to achieve the agreed goals.

Kevin is a sought after strategy facilitator with national and international clients, including:

Lend Lease
Jones Lang LaSalle
SAI Global
Department of Industry and Science
Art Gallery of NSW
AMP Capital
Coca Cola Amatil

This consensus approach to business was experienced by Kevin while he was working in Japan. He became interested to see if it could be applied in Western culture.

Over a 20 year period of extensive research and experimentation, Kevin has refined a fast, effective technique and approach to large group facilitation.

Two major areas of application are:

RapidConsensus™, a training program which teaches and trains people on facilitation skills and the unique technique of harnessing the collective intelligence of groups. Approximately 5000 people have been trained in RapidConsensus™ nationally and internationally.

StrategyConnect™ uses the same collaborative approach in developing an organisation’s strategy map. The StrategyConnect™ methodology not only develops the strategy but is underpinned by an online web application and effective execution process which ensures goals are met.

Waterfield, the company Kevin founded, is recognised as being highly skilled and experienced in collaborative approaches where difficult and complex subjects need to be understood and debated to reach an agreed consensus.

The RapidConsensus™ approach to Strategy Development

Workshop, Thursday 25 May, 1330–1500

The RapidConsensus™ approach to strategy development allows diverse groups of 20 or even 40 people to rapidly and effectively collaborate to develop their shared strategy.

There are a number of advantages to this approach:

  1. It is fast – no more piles of flip chart paper to decipher; the strategy is built in real time during the session
  2. It leverages the collective intelligence of the whole group – our maxim is ‘The smartest person in the room is the room’
  3. Everyone participates, owns the strategy and, more importantly can explain it to others.

Kevin Nuttall (Waterfield’s practice lead for strategy development) will explain the process, why it works and demonstrate how it works in this 90-minute session.

You will leave the session with a Strategy Map template and understand a radically different way to develop and execute strategy for your CRC or organisation.

Kevin has been engaged to facilitate strategy development for a number of CRCs in the past. The most recent CRCs being the Innovative Manufacturing CRC and the CO2CRC.

Tania Constable, CEO, CO2CRC:
By the time we had finished (the one day session) we had the strategy, outcomes, targets, milestones and investments, and coming out the other end every member of the board said they walked away energised. It was the best gains out of a single day using a highly efficient, spectacularly well run strategy formation where someone external can make us think, extract our ideas, and guide us using a well designed formula.