Mr Mark West

Mark West
Mr Mark West

Founder and CEO, SEEDLY

Mark West, EMBA, B.A. (Communications), is the founder and CEO of SEEDLY, an equity crowdfunding platform that lets all Australian’s invest in the next generation of exciting, high-growth businesses. Mark is an experienced business consultant, strategist and marketing/communications expert, having worked across a range of leading global organisations in Australia and abroad – with a particular focus on financial services, infrastructure and retail industries.

Mark has also worked at the smaller end of town and is a seasoned business founder – intimately familiar with the challenges and quirks of raising money for a startup. When not working, Mark is a keen investor, photographer, traveller and hiking enthusiast.


Global trends in entrepreneurial finance

Workshop, Thursday 25 May, 0900–1030

In this workshop we’ll take a global look at how entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors are funding the growth of their businesses. There are many options available for funding, some old and some new. Yet many new businesses fail to secure the funding they need to grow rapidly, or they waste inordinate amounts of time doing so, damaging their momentum in the process.

We’ll take a look at some of the benefits and costs of different funding methods and explore the evolution of some newer models for financing business growth, including equity crowdfunding and the state of maturity in different international markets.

Critically, we’ll look at what is needed for a successful equity crowdfunding campaign… and what investors need to know about investing in early stage businesses via this new model.